Let’s Talk About, Understand & Help Others With Teen Sadness & Depression!

2 get help!


  1. * Depression affects about 20% of adolescents by the time they reach adulthood & between 10 - 15% of teenagers will have some symptoms of teen depression at any 1 time.
  2. * General symptoms of depression regardless of age include having a depressed or irritable mood for at least 2 weeks & having at least 5 clinical signs & symptoms.  
  3. * Clinical symptoms include:
  4. * Feeling sad or blue * Crying spells *  Loss of interest or pleasure in usual activities * Significant change in appetite * Significant weight lose or gain  * Change in sleep patterns/inability 2 sleep or excessive sleeping * Agitation or irritability * Fatigue or loss of energy *  A tendency 2 isolate from friends & family *  Trouble concentrating *  Feelings or worthlessness or excessive guilt *  Thoughts of death or suicide 
  5. *Other symptoms include: * Poor school performance * Persistent boredom * Frequent complaints of physical symptoms * More risk taking behavior/less concern 4  safety
  6. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in young people between 15 and 24  




Talking, Understanding & Getting Help.


We R raising awareness by speaking up, reducing

the stigma associated with sadness & depression,

presenting information & offering a place to share .

mission & vision

No need is 2 small and no voice is 2 quiet 2 B heard. This website is devoted 2 educating, advocating 4 and helping teens who R dealing with sadness or depression.

some Thoughts...

One of the biggest challenging facing teens today is trying 2 balance academics,activities & a social life. Our lives can B stressful. I think it's important 4 teens 2 know that ALL of us experience sadness at times. But it's also important 2 realize when the sadness is not normal & when it might be depression.  

When I was going through a difficult time & feeling really sad, I didn't want 2 share my feelings with anyone because I was embarrassed & thought I might B labeled as a "drama queen", as being "overly sensitive" or even "crazy". I also felt very alone. I eventually spoke 2 my parents & did some research online & realized there were things I could do that would help me deal with & understand my sadness. This is why this website was born. I hope it helps others who may be experiencing sadness like I did!           



Our founder

U Will B OK